4 Reasons To Choose Cork Flooring For Your Home

Posted: November 8, 2022

Cork wood flooring is a viable and attractive alternative used for many decades. In recent years, its popularity has risen due to its sustainable nature, attractive appearance and ease of installation and maintenance.

This article will explain what cork flooring is and the primary benefits of choosing this solution as your flooring of choice within the home, office, or commercial space.

Cork Flooring 101

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Cork flooring comes from the cork oak tree’s bark, harvested from living trees and planted for commercial purposes. Cork is 100% natural, biodegradable and a replenishable resource, making it a highly sustainable flooring solution. Manufacturers grind the cork, compress it, and mould it into pressed sheets bound by resin. The result is your gorgeous cork flooring!

We will look at the primary benefits of choosing cork flooring for your home below.

Improved Health

Cork is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to mould and mildew. Moreover, unlike artificial toxic flooring options, it sheds no microfibers. Together, these characteristics make it a sound choice for preserving the air quality within the home.

Reliably Safe

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Cork is not prone to being flammable like some chemicals found in artificial flooring components. Cork can only ignite or melt at severely high temperatures, making it great for those in warmer climates or areas prone to wildfires. It also releases less toxicity if ignited, so the evacuation process is safer and less urgent than, for example, vinyl.

Comfortable & Insular

Cork is amazingly cushiony on the feet because it offers some give when under pressure. This feature works great for people who need that extra bit of comfort or have children and want to provide a softer landing. The nature of cork also helps keep spaces insulated, making it a favoured choice for chilly locations.

Offers Variety

Cork is a popular choice because tiles and planks are available in various styles, colours and sizes, making it easy to match up the flooring with the styling of your home. Tiling can be a creative way to spruce things up, as you can mix and match patterns and colours for a unique finish.

Wood Craft Flooring - Geelong Flooring Solutions

Cork is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a practical, attractive, sustainable and comfortable flooring solution in their home.

Wood Craft Flooring

At Wood Craft Flooring, we provide cork flooring solutions that elevate homes. For a range of wood floor services, from floor installation to maintenance and refurbishment, contact us to get your flooring solution in Geelong today!


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