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Top-Quality Floor Cleaning Products for Care and Maintenance – Floor Cleaning Products Geelong

If you want to look after your timber flooring, you will want to invest in high-quality hard floor cleaning products and dedicate a bit of time each week to caring for your floors. Here at Woodcraft Flooring, we supply and recommend the Bona floor cleaning products, as they have a very good reputation and are a trusted brand within the industry.

Floor Cleaning Products Geelong - Bona

Timber Floor Cleaner Spray Mop Kit

When cleaning your timber floors, it’s always helpful to have a good mop. The Bona Spray Mop has received raving reviews from homeowners around the world and is sold in over 90 countries! This mop kit has been designed for the care, cleaning, stain removal and maintenance of treated timber floors.

Cleaning has never been easier ‒ simply spray and clean! Enjoy an easy-to-use trigger handle and swivelling mop head, as well as a microfiber cleaning pad. The kit also comes with a cartridge of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

Bona Timber Floor Cleaner

This water-based cleaner manufactured by Bona is easy and ready to use. Extend your timber flooring’s lifespan by introducing this product into your floor’s maintenance routine. Not only does it clean, but it can help remove stains and protect your flooring. It is available in the following sizes:

  • 1Lt Trigger Spray
  • 2.5Lt Refill Pack
  • 0.85Lt Cartridge.

For best results, use alongside Bona’s microfibre cleaning pads.

Have your floors been oiled? Then this is the ideal product for you! This product cleans and nourishes your oiled timber floors and provides a layer of protection. In addition to these benefits, it is also safe and easy to use.

Have any questions about our floor care cleaning products?

We’d be more than happy to answer any questions regarding our timber floor cleaners here at Wood Craft Flooring.