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Hybrid Flooring Geelong Innovative Hybrid Flooring Solutions

Hybrid flooring is an innovative combination of laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. When these two types of flooring are blended together, the result is a highly durable flooring solution that is hard-wearing and ideal for busy households.

Hybrid flooring consists of a printed vinyl timber design on top, with an SPC vinyl core and a foam underlay. Since hybrid flooring first came about, it has become increasingly popular with homeowners across the country.

Hybrid flooring Installation Geelong

Here at Woodcraft Flooring, we provide hybrid flooring installation services in Geelong to both commercial and residential clients. Our experts can lay hybrid flooring in any room of the house and even over your stairs, giving you consistency throughout your entire home.

Hybrid Flooring Geelong - Hybrid Flooring Solutions - Woodcraft Flooring

Why Hybrid Flooring Geelong?

Why Hybrid Flooring? Waterproof hybrid flooring is fast becoming one of the most popular types of flooring options available. This is mostly because of the many benefits offered by this type of flooring, which include:

  • The classic look and feel of timber flooring
  • Waterproof – Hybrid flooring typically consists of a rigid core made of materials like stone plastic composite (SPC) or wood plastic composite (WPC), which provides excellent waterproofing properties. Additionally, these floors are topped with a wear layer that further enhances water resistance, preventing moisture from seeping through the surface. This combination of a waterproof core and top layer makes hybrid flooring highly resilient against water damage.
  • Very easy to clean – Woodcraft Flooring’s hybrid flooring is effortlessly easy to clean thanks to its smooth and impermeable surface, preventing dirt and spills from penetrating. The low-maintenance nature of our hybrid flooring ensures a quick and hassle-free cleaning experience, making it an ideal choice for busy households.
  • Highly durable
  • Easy installation process – Woodcraft Flooring’s expert installation process for hybrid flooring ensures a seamless and efficient transformation of your space. Our skilled professionals meticulously handle every step, from precise measurements to secure locking mechanisms, ensuring a hassle-free and durable installation that enhances the beauty of your interior.
  • Weather resistant and ideal for the Australian climate.


A Wide Range of Hybrid Flooring Solutions

When it comes to hybrid flooring, there is something to suit everyone. The thicknesses that we offer range between 6.5mm to 9.5mm, and there are many different widths available. Our hybrid flooring comes in around 30 different colours, and there will surely be something to suit your home aesthetic.

Have a look at the pictures provided to get an idea of our various options, or feel free to stop by our showroom and see our hybrid flooring options in person.

Our experts can lay hybrid flooring in any room of the house and even over your stairs, giving you consistency throughout your entire home.

Hybrid Flooring

Do you have any questions regarding our waterproof hybrid flooring? Are you interested in our hybrid flooring installation services? Get in touch with our team at Woodcraft Flooring today!