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Flooring Maintenance & After Care


Polished Flooring Maintenance And After Care

Whether you’re investing in timber floor rejuvenation by polishing your current floorboards or installing an entirely new timber floor, polishing can be a very effective way to finish your timber flooring.

Here at Wood Craft Flooring in Geelong, we are your experts when it comes to timber floor care and timber floor maintenance. It is very important that you abide by maintenance and after-care guidelines if you want to get the most out of your polished timber flooring.

If you’ve opted for polished flooring, our team of timber floor care experts will apply the coating (there is often more than one coating). Once the final floor coating is completed, you’ll need to wait between 3 and 7 days for it to cure properly. The curing time will depend on the specific product used. During this time, no one should walk on the floors.

Pre-finished Flooring

Pre-finished flooring is a popular choice among modern-day homeowners as the floorboards have been treated ahead of time. Once they have been installed, they are ready to walk on right away, and you can begin moving in your furniture and decorating as soon as possible.

Wood Craft Flooring can provide you with pre-finished flooring solutions in Geelong for a variety of types of timber floorboards. This is definitely a more convenient choice if you are installing new timber flooring, and it really speeds up the time you need to wait before moving into a new home or making use of a room again.

That being said, pre-finished flooring still requires floor care and maintenance.

Floor Cleaning Products

Bona Timber Spray Mop Kit

Flooring Maintenance

The Bona Timber Spray Mop Kit is sold in over 90 countries worldwide and has been met with many positive reviews from homeowners with timber floors. It is highly effective thanks to the microfiber cleaning pad and has been specifically designed for wood floor care and maintenance. There is no need to fill up a bucket. All you need to do is spray and clean.

Bona Timber Floor Cleaner

Polished Flooring Maintenance

Get rid of dust, grime and 99% of bacteria when you use this timber floor care product in conjunction with Bona’s microfibre cleaning pads. Bona Timber Floor Cleaner is a safe and effective water-based cleaner specifically designed for quick and easy timber floor cleaning and maintenance. There are three different sizes to choose from.

Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors

Timber Floor Maintenance

Are your timber floors oiled? Oiled floors require very specific maintenance to keep them looking good. Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors is the ideal cleaning and maintenance product for keeping your timber floors nourished and spotless. Protect your floors and extend their lifespan with this incredible cleaning product made by the timber experts at Bona.

Floor Maintenance Tips

Whether your timber floor is polished on site in Geelong or pre-finished the following care and maintenance should be used;

  • Sweep regularly with an antistatic dry mop
  • Use soft brush head vacuum
  • Use damp mop as advised by the coatings manufacturer, often on a fortnightly to monthly basis.
  • Use only recommended cleaning products
  • Apply floor protection to furniture and appliances (e.g. Felt on the bottom of chair legs)Wipe up spills, drips, drops or sprays
  • immediately
  • Keep pet nails trimmed
  • Lift furniture when moving items
  • Use entry rugs and mats to trap grit
  • Move internal rugs regularly
  • When damp mopping, the timber floor needs to be as dry as possible so ensure the mop is well wrung out. Never leave water residue on the solid timber floor.
  • Sand and grit are an enemy to timber floors, these small particles act like a sandpaper scratching the timber floors.
  • Some commercial cleaning products may be a skin or breathing irritant, check the product safety advice, wear gloves and use the product in a well-ventilated area.
  • When cleaning agents are too concentrated, they will attack the coating and leave a permanently dull mark.
  • Always check the cleaning agent is pH neutral, and test any cleaner on an inconspicuous area of the floor before general use.

Wood Craft Flooring sells all cleaning and care products for ensuring your floor stays in good condition. Floor cleaning products are available at 128 Grove Road, Grovedale or by contacting us at

  • Do NOT use steam mops (This includes dry steam mops. These devices may create distortion in the boards, can soften coatings and finishes or alter the look of your floor.)
  • Do NOT use a wet mop
  • Do NOT use rubber backed rugs
  • Do NOT use hard head vacuum cleaners
  • Do NOT use warn brushes
  • Do NOT use abrasive cleaners
  • Do NOT use silicone sprays
  • Do NOT wear stilettos, sports or work footwear
  • Do NOT use steel wool or other abrading products.