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Floating Floor Installation Geelong

Flooring Installation Geelong

Floating floor installation Geelong is a popular method as it can be used for a variety of wood flooring types, including hybrid flooring, engineered flooring, and laminate flooring. This method can be done over plywood, concrete, levelled tiles, existing timber floors, or particle board.

The method involves creating a foam underlay to create better acoustics and make for a more comfortable flooring solution. Click system flooring is then placed on top of the foam underlay and clicked into place. Tongue and groove flooring can also be used, but glue needs to be applied within each groove.

This is truly one of the simplest and quickest methods of floor installation, making it an affordable option that many homeowners choose to do themselves. Despite its simplicity and affordability, this method is also very effective and long-lasting.

Plywood Installation

Plywood Floor Installation Geelong

The plywood flooring installation method has many applications and is a commonly used process within the floor installation industry. It is mostly used for the installation of engineered flooring as well as solid hardwood timber floors that are being laid on top of concrete. It is also probably the most effective method for laying timber floorboards that are wider than 130mm and can add height to your floors.

Plywood installation involves laying black plastic on top of the concrete before the plywood is laid on top of the plastic. From here, the plywood is pinned to the concrete and the next step is to glue the timber floorboards on top of plywood and nail them in so they stay in place. This method has long-lasting results and every step is taken with care and precision by the floating floor installers.

Particle Board Installation

Particle Board Flooring Installation Geelong

The most common application for the particle board installation method is for the flooring installation of the upper levels of houses and buildings, as well as houses that are on traditional stumps. This is mostly because the particle board is not as heavy as other methods used to install flooring. The types of flooring that can be laid using the particle board method include engineered timber floors, laminate floors and hybrid floors.

This method involves the particle board laid on the current flooring, which needs to be levelled. From there, the particle board is rough sanded and then the chosen floorboards are glued on top of the particle board. This is a fairly straightforward method that yields impressive end results. If you think this is the right method for your flooring installation needs, feel free to get in touch with us.

Direct Stick Installation

Direct Stick Flooring Installation Geelong

The direct stick method is used for very specific applications. It is used exclusively by timber floor installers for installing solid hardwood timber floorboards no wider than 90mm. Engineered floorboards can also use this installation method, and engineered timber is a good choice if you’d like to use this method but would like floorboards wider than 90mm. This method is only used to lay timber or engineered timber floorboards on concrete.

The first step in the direct stick installation method is for the floor installers to spread an Epoxy moisture barrier over the concrete. It is also very important for the concrete to be smooth and completely level. The moisture barrier essentially seals the concrete and waterproofs it. From here, the floorboards are glued directly onto the concrete floor.

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