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About Woodcraft Flooring – Affordable flooring Geelong

About Woodcraft Flooring store Geelong. For quality flooring solutions, flooring installations & flooring supplies!

Woodcraft Flooring is a family-operated Geelong flooring store that specialises in timber flooring solutions, laminate flooring installation and related flooring products & services. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry and we have the expertise and knowledge when it comes to flooring installation projects.

We can assist you with restoring your current timber floors, provide new flooring options, or provide a wide range of DIY flooring products for your flooring projects.

About Wood Craft Flooring - Flooring Store Geelong
Shaun Furminger - Wood Craft Flooring Geelong

Shaun Furminger

Company Director

Shaun loves hiking, motorcycling, video games, modelling and carpentry. He is originally from Brisbane, Queensland.

“I tried waitering once. I lasted 1 night and got told to never come back. I believe everyone deserves to be given an opportunity to succeed free of judgement and ridicule. Everyone should be treated with respect and never assume you know what someone is going through.”

Lauren Foyle - Wood Craft Flooring Geelong

Lauren Foyle

Admin Manager

Lauren loves petting her cats and playing video games with her family. Her hobbies include cross stitching, Lego, hiking and boardgames. She is very skilled in bookkeeping, urban planning and hospitality, and is originally from Brisbane.

“Life is too short to spend it on things you don’t enjoy doing.”

Dallas Furminger - Wood Craft Flooring Geelong

Dallas Furminger

Operations Manager

Dallas enjoys working on cars, driving his boat, playing video games, water skiing, and tinkering on things. He is highly skilled in timber flooring installation and furniture making, and is originally from Brisbane.

Dallas was in the army when he was younger and did 3 years as a construction supervisor. He’s very serious about his job and has a strong work ethic.

About Woodcraft Flooring – Quality Flooring Geelong

Located in Grovedale, Geelong our flooring store provides flooring services for both homeowners and building contractors alike. We’ve earned a solid reputation as a reliable builder flooring contractor and have plenty of experience when it comes to timber flooring. Just read our flooring reviews on Google. Our fully trained flooring installers provide work to impeccable standards ensuring you are satisfied with the result.

We understand the issues faced by building firms and that’s why we provide a reliable flooring contractor service that delivers. We promise a high-quality flooring installation service that your building firm can rely on, at any time of the year. For more information see the Flooring Contractors page.

Why Are We Geelong’s Best Flooring Store?

With over 20 years of experience, we strive to offer excellent customer service and top-quality workmanship. Our team of trained and experienced flooring professionals are dedicated to helping you choose the best flooring solution for your home or business. We provide a free consultation and assessment that enables us to identify your specific requirements, as well as make sure that we can deliver the perfect flooring solution to meet your needs.

With quality craftsmanship, superior knowledge and understanding of flooring products, unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service, Woodcraft Flooring is the number one choice in Geelong for all your flooring needs. Contact us today to find out more about how we can bring style, beauty and value to your home or business!

Quality Flooring Products

At Woodcraft Flooring, we take pride in offering only the highest quality flooring products that are made to last. We partner with trusted suppliers and provide only the best flooring materials.

Affordable Flooring Services

At Woodcraft Flooring, we understand that flooring can be expensive. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on all our flooring products and installation services. Whether you are looking for a simple DIY project, or need to have your entire home re-floored, we are committed to providing quality solutions at prices you can afford. We take the time to discuss your needs and help you find a solution that meets both your budget and design requirements. So don’t hesitate – contact us today and see how Woodcraft Flooring can help bring style, beauty and value to your home!