Flooring Solutions: What Are Your Options?

Posted: December 20, 2022

Flooring Solutions Geelong

Reflooring your home or areas within it is an exciting venture. With several great options available, it is essential to have insight into what is out there to make the best choice possible for your unique needs!

Wood Craft Flooring in Geelong provide excellent flooring solutions can assist you in this decision. But first, we wanted to give you some vital titbits on what flooring shops in Geelong have to offer. Below, we explain in detail the options we offer in our store.

Flooring Solutions Geelong

Engineered Flooring 

Engineered wood flooring is an attractive alternative to hardwood flooring solutions. It looks almost identical, offering the same cosy and expensive look as hardwood. The difference is that this option is produced with a high-quality plywood core with a thin layer of hardwood to cover it. If you want a flooring solution that mimics hardwood at a more cost-effective price point, then this one is for you! The only downside? Engineered flooring cannot be refinished to increase its lifespan.

Solid Wood Flooring 

Solid wood or hardwood flooring is solid wood made with natural wood pieces. Popular types range from oak, maple and cherry, requiring specialists to nail the wood planks in place, demanding time and skill to complete the job with precision. Because of these factors, this is a pricier option but offers stunning results. It can be refinished and sanded several times throughout its lifespan to keep its appearance intact.

Floor Coating 

Floor coatings are usually applied where heavy wear or corrosion may occur. These solutions are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities or chemical plants. It can be used to mark traffic isles, define areas, or cover damaged concrete.

Hybrid Flooring 

Hybrid flooring combines two materials to create one end product. Usually, vinyl and laminate are blended to produce the ideal flooring solution for any area. These solutions are sturdy and durable, consisting of four layers for ultimate protection and longevity.

Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring falls into the hybrid flooring genre, consisting of synthetic materials to create a cost-effective solution that can mimic several styles of wood, stone, or tile. This solution is a popular choice for homes for any room that doesn’t experience excessive moisture. Laminate flooring promises longevity and durability, even in an environment with many pets!

Cork Flooring 

Cork flooring is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is ground, moulded into sheets and baked, serving as attractive flooring for residences, offices and light commercial settings. Cork flooring is one of the most renewable sources in the flooring market, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Geelong flooring solutions are plenty, with attractive options for every taste, preference and aesthetic. Let us at Wood Craft Flooring assist you with your flooring installation, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner in Geelong and the surrounding areas. For more information, visit us here or contact us today.


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