The Best Ways To Clean Hardwood Flooring

Posted: August 12, 2022

Having hardwood flooring in your interior adds a sense of warmth and earthiness. This durable and stylish flooring option can maintain its aesthetic for decades if properly cared for. Foot traffic brings dirt into the home, which stains hardwood floors and encourages the collection of allergins.

Maintaining clean hardwood flooring isn’t only a matter of aesthetics but also of safety and health. Wood floors may become slippery and hazardous if covered with a thin layer of grime. Asthma and other respiratory ailments are amplified when dust mites collect in the home. This is why proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. Keep reading to discover the best ways to clean hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Supplies

Before You Get Started

Before cleaning, it’s important to determine whether you’ll be dealing with laminate flooring, solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. Laminate is quite similar in appearance to solid or engineered hardwood, but it requires a different level of maintenance. Hardwood floor cleaners can be used on both solid and engineered hardwood, but they should never be used on laminate since the oil and wax in the components might degrade the finish.

Cleaning Chemicals

Because most wood floors are treated with cured polyurethane or polyacrylic urethane, it is important to choose a cleaning solution that will keep the surface sealant brilliant and streak-free. Avoid using liquid or paste wax on polyurethane-sealed hardwood floors.

Chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, pine oil, or undiluted vinegar should never be used in your cleaning routines. Instead, use a commercial solution specifically designed for sealed hardwood floors.

Cleaning Equipment

A soft-bristled broom, made of either nylon or rubber bristles, is the ideal option for sweeping crumbs and dirt from hardwood floors. These brooms are static-charged and contribute to particle collection.

Microfiber mop heads gather dust more effectively than sponge or cotton mops and are easy to wash and clean. While a vacuum can be used on hardwood floors, consider one with a retractable beater bar and soft-bristle rollers to avoid surface damage.

Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Routine

  • Sweep or vacuum daily to avoid the build-up of dirt or grit that can cause surface damage. Lift rugs before sweeping to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Remove scuff marks, spills or stains as soon as they happen. These can lead to permanent discolouration.
  • Dust mop weekly to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Damp mop monthly with a lightly dampened microfibre mop. Excess water can stain the hardwood surface and cause wood to dull.
  • Dilute chemicals as per instructions.

Looking For Advice Or Hardwood Cleaning Products?

Whether you have a newly installed hardwood floor or want to maintain the longevity of your existing hardwood floor, the best thing is to do your research and seek professional advice.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solutions

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