4 Reasons To Choose Timber Flooring Over Alternatives

Posted: January 18, 2023

Choose Timber Flooring Alternatives

Authentic timber flooring is undoubtedly a wonderful option for residential spaces. It offers a unique degree of luxury and comfort that no other flooring solution can.

Solid wood flooring is a popular choice in new homes, with owners hoping to achieve exclusivity in appearance and quality while executing a look and feel that elevates the resale value of the property. Hardwood timber solutions still rank as the most popular choice for flooring, going back decades.

Keep reading to learn why this is so and why you should consider timber flooring in your home.

Temperature Regulation Indoors

Temperature Regulation Indoors

Regardless of location, temperature regulation inside the home can offer several compelling benefits.

You will find cutting back on energy costs far easier, decreasing your carbon footprint exponentially. Timber helps you achieve this by insulating the home during the cold winter months and cooling it down in the heat.

Easy To Maintain Flooring

Maintaining hardwood flooring is straightforward and achievable for anyone. All it needs is the occasional sanding and polishing to keep its appearance looking good as new. Outsource experts to get the job done thoroughly with the best products and techniques to maintain its gorgeous appearance for years to come.

While timber flooring is the more natural choice, it is less eco-friendly because it relies on the cutting down of trees for harvesting. However, options are available to source sustainable or recycled timber.

Natural timber requires consistent maintenance to ensure it retains its quality appearance. The durability of the timber will also depend on the wood type and the quality and frequency of coatings. Timber may naturally expand and contract, which may result in slight buckling and warping, especially when in contact with moisture. Generally, hardwood will show more signs of wear and tear over time. However, you can easily refinish it to fix any visible damage and give it a fresh appearance!

Suitable For Allergies

Aside from being incredibly aesthetically pleasing, hardwood flooring is a reliable solution for those suffering from allergies or asthma. The wood surface is impenetrable from dust and hair, making it near impossible for allergens to become trapped within the floor’s cracks and crevices.

Versatile Flooring

For homeowners, the versatility of timber flooring makes it the attractive option that it is today.

Timber can appeal to both modern and traditional home decor styles. Therefore, no matter the style or design of your home, there is sure to be a timber solution in the right colour, finish and varnish that will best suit your unique home. .

Timber flooring is solid wood made with natural wood pieces. Popular types range from oak, maple and cherry, requiring specialists to nail the wood planks in place, demanding time and skill to complete the job with precision. Because of these factors, this is a pricier option but offers stunning results. It can be refinished and sanded several times throughout its lifespan to keep its appearance intact.

Reflooring your home is a big move, but well worth it! Therefore, picking the best solution for your needs is essential. Timber flooring has been a popular choice for homeowners for decades, offering luxury and comfort and increasing the home’s resale value by miles.


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